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Education Programme

Our education programme is focused on providing an insight into what life was
like here for the early settlers in 1875 when George Vesey Stewart established
the only planned Irish settlement in the world.

Let our trained and experienced staff take your class on a guided tour, walking
in the footsteps of Adela and Hugh Stewart, through their home - the Athenree
Homestead during the 1880’s. Your students can get a glimpse of what it was
like to be a young servant or maid in their employ, living and working in the
household. They will also gain an understanding of the rich culture which is part of the heritage of this area.

These are the ‘hands on’, interactive learning activities students will be engaged
in, to ensure they have a memorable and enjoyable experience: Completing a
seek and find sheet; polishing the silver; hanging out the washing and doing
sums on a chalk board.

You and your class are welcome to have morning tea or lunch on the lawn
under the trees in the grounds.
We ask for a koha to be given to the Homestead as a contr
ibution to the cost of running the Homestead, and a pre tour familiarisation visit by the teacher is
recommended for gaining information and background knowledge.

The following guidelines are provided for schools wishing to visit the Homestead:

Homestead Guidelines

In order to protect our historic buildings, grounds and objects on display, and
ensure that all visitors enjoy their experience, we ask that you share these
guidelines with your students prior to your visit.

The Athenree Homestead is a learning environment so please respect the home
and grounds by treating them as an extension of the classroom so that everyone
has a safe and happy time.


  • Remain together in assigned groups at all times.

  • Touch objects only when given permission to do so.

  • All litter must be taken back to school.

  • No chewing gum is allowed on site.

  • Food and drink may be consumed outside.

  • Gardens are not for walking on and the trees are not for climbing.


Contact us for further information on our Education Programme.

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